February 24, 2017

Alternatives to Popcorn Ceiling

A lot of people don’t like popcorn ceilings for some reason or the other. There are many alternatives to popcorn ceilings that you can choose per your style. You have a choice to leave your wall plain and smooth or choose other textures like knockdown, skim coat, compound thickness and mixtures. Before you apply the alternative you’ll have to remove the popcorn ceiling.

To give your ceiling a knockdown texture the drywall compound needs to be rolled on with a paint roller or sprayed with a compressor. The plastic loop roller gives an attractive finish to the drywall compound. To smooth the bumps and give ceiling a stucco look, crape over the sprayed texture lightly. You can be creative and add swirls to the texture.

The skim coat gives the ceiling a plastered look. This is done by smoothing on thin layers of drywall compound. This will also fill in the cracks and give a smooth finish to the ceiling. Other techniques can be used to give your ceiling a different look. For example to make the orange peel texture apply a light coat of the compound with a compressor. If you like bolder texture on your ceiling you can use a mixture of compound and sand and apply using the skip trowel technique.

Give Michael a call if you would like to remove your popcorn ceiling!

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